Pile Integrity Testing

Piling Resolutions specialise in pile integrity testing of CFA, Large Bore and Minipile foundations. Piling Resolutions cover all sites with a fast, reliable testing service. Reporting is always carried out directly with the client.

Sonic Echo or Transient Dynamic Response methods of testing are employed, both providing fast, economic and reliable results. Oscillation of the pile head enables an acoustical survey of the pile, which can identify potential discontinuities such as cracks, voids and changes in cross sectional area. A secondary feature of the test provides positive identification of the pile toe seat.

On site analysis of the received signal can identify at what point along the pile shaft the potential discontinuity occurs. An instant assessment of each pile tested can therefore be achieved. Where possible rectification of any anomaly can be carried out before subsequent retests are applied.

A full report is dispatched after the site visit and contains copy printouts of signals obtained from each pile tested and an indication of the pile toe seat reflection figure. The test results are interpreted in such a way as to make the signal change point apparent and the approximate pile length calculated. Signal impedance variations are immediately recognisable.

Dynamic Pile Testing

Dynamic load tests are carried out by striking the pile with a hammer and observing the resulting forces and motions recorded near the pile head. The static behaviour of the test pile can then be predicted from the resultant dynamic measurements.

Piling Resolutions employ the recognised and proven SIMBAT system of pile dynamic testing. Typically up to 10 piles per day can be tested with preliminary results issued upon retrieval of data.

The Principle

The system is based on wave propagation within the pile. The pile is struck with a drop hammer, the mass of which depends on pile diameter. Strain gauges bonded to the side of the pile measure strain under the impact. This is then converted to force from a knowledge of the pile section and modulus. The output from the accelerometers is integrated to give velocity.


The system is applicable to virtually all pile types. The only limitation is the size of drop mass that can be transported and handled on site

Static Pile Load Testing
Piling Resolutions can provide both compression and tension pile load testing using a specialist designed system in accordance with the current I.C.E specification.

We provide an efficient, reliable and flexible service, which can be adapted to cater for most load testing requirements. Static load tests are carried out in order to assess the performance of a test pile when subjected to a predetermined load. Pile settlement can be determined at the working load and at multiples of the working load. Also the ultimate bearing capacity of the test pile can be calculated.

Static testing falls into 3 main categories:

  1. Maintained Load Test
    The load is increased in stages and held for a specific time. At 100% DVL the load is released and a second cycle up to 100% DVL + 50% SWL applied. Maximum settlement and residual settlement are calculated accordingly. Pile displacement is monitored in accordance with ICE requirements. A selection of reaction beams provide the capability to carry out testing using a variety of anchor pile systems.
  2. Tension Test
    Pile performance is monitored when subjected to a tensile load.
    Loading schedules are similar to the above.
    A hollow hydraulic cylinder is positioned over the test pile and reacts against a suitable reaction beam.
    Pile displacement is monitored in accordance with ICE requirements.
  3. Constant Rate of Penetration Test (CRP)
    Carried out when the ultimate bearing capacity of the test pile is required.
    The rate of penetration is kept constant with increments in the load applied.


For all tests a full report is dispatched to the client upon collation of all data, with initial preliminary findings issued immediately.

Reports contain tabulated data along with graphic representations of load vs settlement, load and settlement vs time and displacement (individual transducer) vs time.

Additional representation can be provided upon request.

Preliminary Pile Testing Service

Installation of Preliminary Pile tests and testing package – please contact Piling Resolutions for further information.

Other Services
  • Site supervision – on a contract by contract basis
  • Labour hire –  on a contract by contract basis
  • Advisory service
  • Training of site / piling operatives